Steve Orrechio Construction Manager

Steve Orrechio
Construction Manager

“The closer you look, the more you’ll like what Heath stands for.”

How do you measure a construction company’s success?

Heath has built many of the most impressive buildings and streetscapes in Northern Colorado. We have a terrific following of loyal customers, many of whom wouldn’t consider entrusting a new project to anyone but Heath Construction. And in financial terms, we’ve grown steadily over the years – even when other construction companies were struggling just to stay in business. Today Heath is one of the top construction companies in the region.

These are all important benchmarks, but the mark of a truly great company is the success it achieves beyond its balance sheet – among its people, its partners and its local community.

Heath believes in people.

While other companies focus on short-term profitability and short-term business relationships, Heath is investing in its people, the future of our company, and the welfare of our community.

Why? Because Heath has proven that our philosophy leads to superior quality on the job, greater success for everyone involved in our projects, and a richer community for all of us.

Join us!